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… to the Duluth-Denfeld Class of 1953 web site!  Our mission is to keep you as informed as we can about what's going on with our Class, our alma mater, and our community. Come back often! New stuff being added all the time. This web site is for YOU!

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Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce: www.duluthchamber.com
Denfeld High School (official site): www.duluth.k12.mn.us/DENFELD/
Duluth Denfeld High School Alumni Association: www.denfeldalumni.com/
Alumni Site: www.duluth.k12.mn.us/denfeld/alumni/index.htm
Denfeld History & Chat: www.surfdetective.com/denfeld.html
Denfeld Wikipedia Entry: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denfeld_High_School
Google Map: www.maps.google.com
Denfeld ADOPT: www.pianospl.com/adopt.htm

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Last updated: July 31, 2015